Team ENG Tryout Info and Signup

Sunday Feb 17th at Elite North

  • Girls 4-7th grade: 2pm-3:15pm

  • Boys 4 & 5th grade: 3:30-4:30pm

  • Boys 6th & 7th: 5pm - 6pm

Sunday Feb 24th at Elite North

  • Boys & Girls 8th & 9th Grade: 4pm - 5:30pm

    • High School boys and girls, who are NOT on a school team in the state tourney, can tryout at this time also

    • Teams are formed by current grade as of Jan 1st, 2019


Program Info

  • Season Duration: March 9th - June 1st

  • Cost: $500 (Can be broken into 2 payments)

    • Unlimited basketball training during AAU season at Elite

    • Team uniforms & tourney fees included in fee

  • Tourneys: 6 - 8 tourneys - Tourneys are Saturday & Sundays

  • Tourney Locations: Jonesboro, Searcy, Conway, Little Rock, Cape Girardeau, St.Louis, Memphis, Fayetteville, and Jackson MS & Dallas. *Not all teams will travel to every city listed*

  • Team practices: Scheduled by the coach once the team is formed. Coaches try to work with the groups schedule so we cannot tell you the time until team is formed.

  • Players per team: 9 - 12

  • Coaches for each team will be announced after tryouts.

  • If you play multiple sports during this period please let us know in the form below. We understand some students will have to miss. We would just like to plan accordingly.

  • This is not school ball and playing time is not guaranteed. Coaches are here to help develop our athletes and compete at the teams highest level possible for their team.

  • Should your athlete make a team you will be notified by email, text and website post. Please do not message or call us asking did we make the team.

  • Results will be posted by the following Friday of each tryout.

  • Parents will be required to sign a code of conduct form pertaining to team goals and expectations.

Try Out Registration Form

Parent Name *
Parent Name
Players Name *
Players Name
Phone *
Ex. #12 (No Guarantee you will get this number but we will try)
This will not increase or decrease your chance of making a team. We just need to know for scheduling

2019 ENG Team List:

This list does not include 6th & 7th-grade girls. There is a large number of make-ups for these two age groups. Once make-up tryouts are done we will update the list. This list is updated to show the 4th grade boys also.

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 7.27.51 AM.png
  • 4th grade girls have 4 as of now and we have some girls coming for make-up tryouts. We will reach repost Sunday if that girls team forms! Please be patient.

  • 6th and 7th grade girls will come back this Sunday @ 3pm - 4pm to have a second evaluation. This group had a large showing and also had large number that missed. Coaches want to make sure they get it right and give everyone a fair chance.

  • 4th grade boys has been added to this list also